The High School Engineering & Computer Science (ECS) Research Summer Internship Program was catalyzed by SU alumni Tom and Linda McCausland’s vision to provide high-achieving high school students in the Syracuse area opportunities to participate in advanced engineering and computer science research-with the goal of stimulating and deepening their interest in science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) related fields.

With initial funding from a Siemens Foundation grant secured by Tom McCausland, the College developed a pilot program in 2015 to provide six-week summer research internships to deserving local high-school students. The program was launched with three student interns, all of whom successfully completed the program.  Thanks to a generous gift from Tom and Linda McCausland in 2016, the six-week research program now supports five students each summer, and includes value-added educational sessions and activities for the summer research interns as well.

All of our research internship “graduates ” have produced valuable research and each excelled in his/her final research poster symposium.  In addition, three of our high school students won prizes at the  College’s Poster Symposium, competing against SU undergraduate summer research students and REU students from other universities.  One of our 2016 summer interns joined her research team in Saratoga Springs in March, 2017 to present her research at a University level meeting.

Here are a few testimonials:

 As the summer wraps up and I complete my poster for the poster presentation, I am filled with gratitude. I’ve met incredible people, who I hope to stay in touch with. I’ve found what I believe is my calling. I cannot even think of a negative experience I have had. Everything has gone perfectly, exceeding my already high expectations. I am so interested in my project, and plan to keep reading about the effects liming has on lakes. To think that this is only a small slice of engineering fills me with excitement. The world is both very large and very small, and I cannot wait to learn more about it. Someday I hope to be an engineer, and be responsible for making a little corner of it better.

 Thank you for making this opportunity a reality, and providing a high school student with such an incredible experience. I cannot adequately express my gratitude.               

2015 Summer Intern

I think this is a wonderful opportunity for rising seniors that want to gain more knowledge, especially myself coming from a city school. It was a great way to meet new people and students that pursue the same ambition as me. This program is a great gateway for high school students that are soon going to college and should definitely be continued.  It has been a pleasure working with everyone!                                                       

 2016 Summer Intern

Throughout the internship, I gained a new sense of what the scientific community really is, conducted college-level research, and fully experienced Syracuse University.​  I met wonderful people and was able to work closely with a graduate student to better help me understand my work.  The generosity of everything from eating at Ernie Davis with SU students to receiving a new backpack (with supplies!) for the school year has made me incredibly grateful to you and everyone else who contributed to this program.  The stipend I received has completely gone into my college savings and will tremendously help pay for my college education.  This internship was truly a fortunate opportunity that will positively impact my future.

2017 Summer Intern

This program exposes us to college level work and has helped me emphasize my desire to study water and environmental engineering.  I am continuing to work with my faculty mentor during the school year and actually have written my college personal essay about my childhood fascination with water that has begun to become a reality with what I have learned this summer.  Thank you! 

2018 Summer Intern